Videography Through Referrals

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Whenever we are involved in producing a wedding video it has always continued to amaze us with its variety of venues, scenery, and most important, people. Many wedding video Orange County vendors rely much of their business from advertising and marketing their services via search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Overture. However, most of our business comes from word of mouth and referrals.

Our Wedding Videography Beginning

Like many other wedding video Orange County providers, when we first entered this business, we did a lot of favors for many couples and families in which we practically gave away our services for free just so that we could get our name out and build up our portfolio. The way we approached our productions we would ask ourselves if we hired someone to produce our wedding video in Orange County, what would we like to see in the video? Also, how would we see those things in the wedding video? For example, it's one thing to just see a shot of the married couple in front of the alter or in front of the courtyard. But it's another thing to see the camera move a certain way while capturing the shot a well as getting the right angle, lighting, and overall composition. Also, what types of sounds should be heard and how long should we see each shot?

Our Philosophy

Wedding Video Orange County Church

Certain styles, philosophies, and attitudes are what separate many wedding video Orange County vendors from each other. As mentioned previously, when we first entered into the business of wedding video, Orange County gave us a lot of opportunities to prove ourselves. We definitely are truly grateful for all of the couples and families that placed their trust in us to capture such important events when we were still unproven. Those experiences allowed us to experiment with certain techniques dealing with capturing the wedding video Orange County footage as well as editing the wedding video Orange County footage.

Early Beginnings

I remember the first wedding video we covered. Before we got started in the business of wedding video in Orange County, we actually were independent filmmakers. There were many techniques and concepts that definitely apply to producing a wedding video such as camera motion and composition. But since it was our first wedding video Orange County production we were paid very little so we fell into the temptation of covering the event based on the amount we were being compensated for. We made the mistake in not treating the wedding video Orange County event like an independent film production. For example, in any production it is always necessary to scout the location before the day of the event. Unlike wedding photographers, wedding videographers cannot move during the ceremony unless there is a B camera. During the editing of the footage, whenever the main camera, Camera A, is moving normally the editor will cut to the B camera until the footage from Camera A is stable. But unfortunately, we thought that since there would be a B Camera we thought that it would not be necessary to scout the location in advance.

Entrusting Us

Luckily, we were still able to capture not only usable footage but actually quality footage as well. But this learning experience made us realize that we took a great risk. Here we were entrusted to capture the best footage possible, to produce the best wedding video in Orange County which would record memories that they would share with not only their children but perhaps their grandchildren and maybe even great grandchildren. It would be a wedding video recording that would perhaps be seen during special anniversaries. After taking a step back and reevaluating our wedding video Orange County coverage we understood how we should approach every production.

Putting Our Name on the Line

We believed that as long as we provided the best possible footage, editing, and service, in the long run we would reap greater rewards for our hard work and time. And even though we would achieve high profit margins or even take a loss for the work that we would put out, we believed that it would not only be our footage that was out there. It would also be our names and reputation that would be attached to not only our footage but most importantly our wedding video Orange County service and production. We believed that if we would go out of our way for our clients then they would go out of their way in promoting our wedding video Orange County company. We believed that if we established the reputation of always delivering a great product and went out of our way to help our clients it would return to us two fold. We absolutely correct in our assessment. But even if it never did return to us or if in the long run we would still take a loss that did not matter. What mattered was we put in our best effort and that our client was happy with our wedding video Orange County service and final product.

Top Quality Work

No matter what the agreed wedding video Orange County service we would provide, we made a promise that we would always guarantee the best and top quality work based on those agreed services. This meant we would treat each wedding video Orange County production as if we were producing our very own independent film that we were intending to submit to a major film festival. And typical of independent film productions, we would do everything we possibly could to produce the very best feature that the budget would allow. Like many guerrilla film makers, our creativity would not be limited to just the story but creativity would be detrimental to how we could capture and edit certain footage. For this very reason, it would begin to first sitting down with every client to better and fully understand what things they would like to see in their wedding video Orange County feature. Then, based on the budget that they would allow we would give our honest assessment and identify what obstacles there would be. When we say honest, we won't mislead our clients in any way by making promises or suggesting anything that we may not be able to deliver based on any budget constraints.

Budgetary Constraints

But just because there are budgetary constraints does not mean we can't promise a quality wedding video for your Orange County wedding that will hold up to the test of time. As previously mentioned, our creativity will always be challenged. Based on our expertise in film making and wedding video Orange County productions we can help put our clients' concerns to rest by making known what our ideas are to capturing and editing the wedding video Orange County footage. Even with just a tripod and fluid head we can achieve many of the cinematic techniques to create motion in our footage making it more interesting. Our cameras also have slow zoom capabilities which also prevalent in much of the footage from major motion picture productions.


Because of our dedication to providing the best wedding video Orange County production we have definitely been rewarded by our past clients by them telling their friends and family about our services. Many of our referrals have mentioned to us on occasion of how their friends who referred them to us would say that if you were going to hire any type of service for their wedding to make sure they hired our wedding video Orange County company. We have been blessed by the many people that we have met and it has been such an honor working with and for many of clients and their respective family and friends. In actuality, we probably can consider many of the people that we have worked with not to just being clients but to being like family. This is why we continuing to look forward to the extending our family by working with more couples and their friends and relatives through our wedding video Orange County organization.