Videography Has Its Costs and Benefits

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Well, there's probably a good reason why you're looking at wedding videography. Perhaps, you have heard of other friends or family members using a videographer to help document their wedding day. After their experiences they have been telling you that you must hire a videographer. Or, maybe they had such a disappointing experience that they are suggesting that you just get Uncle Joe to set his camcorder up on a tripod to video tape the whole event. But we're going to be honest in saying that there are benefits, risks, and costs involved in wedding video whether in Orange County, Los Angeles, or anywhere in Southern California.

Videography is Not Necessarily More Important

First off, in any service there is a cost involved, whether it is for a videographer, catering, the reception hall, the photographer, the florist, the DJ and MC, the wedding organizer, etc. When it comes to a videographer it is no different. But of course, most couples usually have some sort of budget that they have to work with. This means they must decide how much money they are willing to allocate to which wedding service. As much we would love for you to hire our videography service whether your wedding is in Los Angeles, Orange County, or any other Southern California area, in no way are we going to say this service is more important or beneficial than the others.

Many Advantages and Dimensions

What does this mean? Well, one second of progressive video contains approximately 24 frames of images. This is important because now you introduce the aspect of time. But not only with each picture but each element of sound is now relative to time. These extra dimensions are what give videography a tremendous advantage over still photography when it comes to story telling. It is one thing to capture a still picture of a person's reaction such as a bride laughing as her groom goes underneath her wedding dress to pull down the garter. Years after the picture was taken, to the people who witnessed that event it will definitely invoke a lot memories to what led up to that reaction. But if you are a person with little or no background the still photograph probably will not have the same effect. Even with just a few seconds of footage that led up to the bride laughing could help give the reaction more context and meaning which could help invoke reactions to those who were not even there during the event such as the bride and groom's future children and even grandchildren.

Sound Elements

Video of Wedding Ceremony

Another example of how aspects of wedding video can help bring more perspective to a scene is of course the element of sound. A still photograph obviously does not contain that dimension. But there are many weddings where our videographers have witnessed very emotional scenes that were a result by the words that someone spoke during the wedding celebration. For example, during a wedding that we provided videography services for, the bride's father made a toast. He first started off his speech in a joking manner in which he smile and cleared his throat while holding the microphone. The audience laughed but then the scene took quite a turn. Here is what the bride's father said:

"I hadn't really thought about what I was going to say... [pause] But the first day of her life... [pause] I was the first person she looked at... I was the first person to hold her... And I was the first person to kiss her...[pause] And my job's done now... So... every night... that Mr. Conner [groom]... [laughter from the audience]... takes the same care and courtesy and gives the love that I was fortunate to give to her... for 23 years... [pause]... I don't know else to say [laughter from audience]"

Brings Picture to Life

Not every wedding will have moments like this. To be honest, surprisingly most weddings do not have any emotional events that are even close to what happened in the father of the bride's speech. But that is just an example used to help understand what a wedding videographer servicing Los Angeles or Orange County can capture. Even the most simplest and non-emotional things that occur during the wedding day may have so much more meaning later in life especially if you haven't seen the wedding video for a couple of years.