Videography Captures Emotions

Wedding Video of Couple Kissing

Emotions are definitely elements that we always try to capture in a wedding video production. It is during these times and occasions that we witness such emotions from people we would most likely never see such emotion from. It is one thing to capture a single frame of someone's emotion through a still photograph. However, it is truly something else to actually see the true actions, movements, voices, and sound of the actual moment. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to hire a wedding videographer Orange County company for the day that will normally only happen once in a couple's lives together.

Sometimes No Emotions Caught on Camera

I have to admit, we have videotaped many weddings where there was very little emotion at all. In some ways, it like everyone was just going through the motions. Meaning, it was as if the wedding ceremony and celebration were mere traditions that the couple and their guests were obligated to be apart of. Even after we deliver the final cut of their DVD to the couple, we get absolutely no reaction from them except a polite thanks and our final payment. During times like these, I begin to question our abilities as a videography company. Meaning, I would start to think that maybe the angles of our shots were not that interesting. Perhaps the composition of some of the footage was bland, lacking any depth or texture. Or, maybe we did not adjust our cameras correctly to shoot certain scenes based on the lighting. So I would then review the footage and rethink the whole wedding ceremony and reception in my head. Afterwards, I would realize that there was just no emotion throughout the ceremony and the reception.

Vulnerabilty In Front of Videographer

Post Ceremony Picture of Couple

Many people are just afraid of releasing any emotion because they are afraid that people will see a more vulnerable side to them. Sometimes emotion is seen as weakness. Sometimes people are just afraid of feeling such emotion because they feel they are losing some sort of control or that the emotion itself may be too draining or uncomfortable or overwhelming. But it is these emotions that we see that really tells us of the story and the people involved in the story. For example, every story has a protagonist. But the reason why we are interested in the protagonist isn't because they are the perfect characters.

For example, when we read a Superman comic or watch a Superman movie, we aren't just interested in him because he is so perfect. Here is a character that is virtually indestructible, who has superhuman strength, who can fly, who can move fast than a speeding bullet, who can hear all of the calls for help around the entire world. He is a character who never lies and is always forthright except when it comes to hiding his identity. One might say he is the perfect person and therefore, my point is somewhat contradicted. However, his perfection is actually also his conflict. Because he is so perfect, he has no equal. He is completely alone. Not to mention, he is not human so he can't even be with the woman that he loves, Lois Lane.

Superhero Breakdown

Please bear with me for the next example. You see, in Superman the Movie, what really made the story interesting, besides the special effects back then, was the situations where we saw emotion from Superman. As a teenager, we see him getting somewhat looked down upon amongst the rest of the football team. Lana, the girl whom he had a crush on at the time was with the star football player. Clark knew that he was stronger and faster than anyone on the team but he could not reveal any of it to anyone. We see him expressing this frustration with his human father. But his father explains that he was meant here for another reason which is not to score touchdowns but something even greater. We then see him at his earth father's funeral saying to himself that he had all of these powers and that he still couldn't save him. It is these emotional frustrations the helps us as audience members sympathize and even somehow relate with this immortal on some level.

There is also a scene where Superman has an interview with Lois Lane. During the interview we can see that both of them are falling in love with each other. This is also obvious after Superman takes Lois flying across the city. After they return, Superman then changes back to Clark Kent to pick up Lois for a date that he had previously set up with her. While she is getting ready, Clark takes off his glasses in which he is about to tell her that he is Superman. We see it in his face a certain level of emotion which makes us realize how far in love he has fallen for Lois. But then he realizes that he can't tell and quickly puts his glasses back on as she enters the room.

And finally, there is the scene after Lois dies after being crushed in her car from the earthquake started by Lex Luther. We see Superman, this superhuman being with all the power in the world, quieted by the death of the love of his life. Once again, even with all the powers that he had he still could not save a person whom he dearly loved and cherished. Throughout his life, his birth father Jorell had said that it was forbidden to alter human history. This is when he showed his own frailty and flaws and disobeyed his father by altering time while screaming in enormous rage and frustration and covered with tears. We won't go into how he alters time because the method is quite silly and many people have already criticized that scene throughout the years. But the point is it is these emotions that tell the story of the character. It is these emotions that allow us to relate and sympathize with the characters.

Video of Fighting Through Tears at Wedding

This is why we should not be afraid of our emotions but embrace them even when it is during a wedding videographer Orange County production. It is these moments that give meaning and context to the day. I remember a wedding we did some time ago where the father was your typical man's man. He was very conservative and pretty strongly built for a man his age and he seemed very opinionated, strongly spoken, and very humorous. He was not a man that you would expect to let his guard down and show emotion. When the day came when our wedding videographer Orange County team covered their wedding, we were quite surprised at what we had witnessed. During the speeches, the best man and then the maid of honor had spoken. Neither of them were emotional but you could tell they were happy and proud of their friends getting married. It was then time for the father of the bride to speak. Many of those at the party seemed to be expecting him to say something funny or amusing. But instead, he started to reminisce on the first time he saw his daughter. While fighting the tears and struggling to speak, he uttered how he was the first person to ever hold her. It was a moment like this where we got to see a very personal, moving, loving, and humbling side of a man that you would not expect.

Best Friends

There was another wedding videographer Orange County production we were involved in which the maid of honor made a very moving speech and revealed something to us that many in the audience were unaware of. If you knew the maid of honor, you would never expect her to be someone really emotional. She actually was somewhat of a tomboy in which she played basketball in high school. Not to mention, she was one of those fun and crazy type of girls who are usually the life of the party. While our wedding videographer from Orange County was videotaping the speech she started to joke around about how her sister was always being mistaken for each other and how many thought they were twins. They actually were a year apart. Then she started explain how her sister getting married was her best friend. There was a time in the maid of honor life when she thought she couldn't go on with school anymore. Fighting through her tears she explained how she had a very tragic occurrence in her life in which her dorm roommate died. She fell into a deep depression. But it was then her sister who told her to transfer to her college so they could be roommates. It was during that time her sister help carry her through such difficult times which then thanked her earnestly during her speech.

One would think seeing a woman crying would only make the video sappy. But the thing is these emotions were real and deep. It was through these emotions that we sympathized with the maid of honor. As wedding videographers of Orange County, these are the moments that we look for. These are the moments we seek to capture. These are the moments of humanity and compassion and love that will stand the test of time. I can only imagine what their children and then grandchildren will think when they see the video in years to come. Moments that are captured like this reveal and document what relationships exactly were at the time spoken by their own words.

Groom's Softer Side

And of course, we cannot forgot our grooms that our wedding videographer Orange County team have captured throughout the years. When he hired us, they mentioned how they were on a very strict budget. Normally, with such couples they normally would skip the video altogether. However, his bride to be was from Latin America in which none of her relatives from back home could make it to their wedding. Therefore, they absolutely had to have a wedding videographer in from the Orange County area cover their event. So to work within their budget, we decided to only cover their wedding ceremony. Their reception would end up being at someone's house which we would not attend. We then said to just have your friends take lots of pictures during the reception and we would create a mini photo montage that followed the footage of the wedding ceremony in their final video.

When their special day finally came, I remember one of our wedding videographer Orange County cameramen videotaping the groom while he was waiting in one of the back rooms of the church. Our wedding videographer asked what was going through his mind. He was so nervous. I don't think we had ever met a groom that nervous. I don't remember exactly what he said because he was uttering it in a very low voice. But then our wedding videographer Orange County cameraman asked about his bride to be. He then started to say something but then he gave an awkward smile and was then speechless. He was too choked for words and his eyes began to water. Here we were able to witness how much he truly loved his bride to be.

Real Emotions Caught by Wedding Videographer

Again, these emotions are not sappy or corny but real. These are real people who are fighting to get through their emotions and express their thoughts and feelings. When these moments occur, it is our journalistic wedding videographer skills of our cameramen that really shine through. These types of captured emotions are what makes our jobs worthwhile. It is these times of humanity that make us proud and appreciative to be involved in such a wedding videography production.