Videographer's Process

wedding videographer Capturing Couple

Most if not all wedding videographers in Los Angeles will go out of their way to show you their samples. The intent is of course to show couples the quality of their videography. By looking at their samples it can also help provide what the expectations of what their final wedding video DVD will look like. But we like to go further and explain how and what we have to do to produce your video. It is not uncommon for a couple to think that all a videographer has to do is bring his video camera and tripod and should produce a great wedding video.

As a result, it is typical to only budget $1000 to $1500 for a wedding videographer in Orange County or Los Angeles. In contrast, that same couple may be willing to spend $3000 to $4000 for a photographer. Now it is very important to get a quality photographer that you can trust will do great work. In addition to all of the equipment, cameras, lenses, etc., a photographer also pretty much directs the couples and their family and friends during picture taking. They also have the tremendous task of keeping everything on schedule so that they can take all of the necessary pictures. Finally, they must edit the pictures and put together the final album.

Videographer Work for Los Angeles

There certainly is a good amount of work that a photographer must do. But one cannot say that the photographer does more work or has more pressure than the videographer. Just like a photographer our Los Angeles County based videographer will sit down with the couple and go over the type of shots that they would like to see in the video. We would first ask, "What are all of the events that will take place during the day." This can include from the time they start getting ready all the way to the final dancing of the night during the reception depending on what the couple wants covered. Based on the information given as well as the type of venue in which the ceremony and reception will take place, we can get an idea of what types of shots would we can get. We would then go over these shots with the couple during our initial meeting. If the venue is not yet decided on, then this would be something that we could discuss through email or phone conversation before the wedding actually takes place.

Comparing the Differences between Videographers

Before the wedding day even occurs, we sometimes will attend the wedding rehearsal. This is one of the distinct differences between a photographer and videographer. Most, if not all, photographers do not attend the wedding rehearsal. But the reason that we do is because unlike photographers, videographers cannot move that much while capturing the event. Most will try to capture the ceremony from fixed or static locations. The reason why is normally when the camera is moved, the footage becomes usable. Unlike photography where they capture only one picture at a time, video continuously captures multiple pictures per second. The slightest move can result in undesirable footage.

unobtrusive wedding videographer

Additional Differences With Videographers

Another difference is photographers normally do not use stabilizing equipment. Normally, they can hold the camera and move around without it affecting the quality of their pictures. But again, the slightest movement of a video camera can result in undesirable footage. So this is why certain stabilizing equipment such as a tripod or even a jib may be needed to shoot the event. This is why scouting the location before the actual event is so important. This allows us to see the best locations where we can setup our tripods and cameras. Also, we can determine if we can even bring a jib or crane that can produce a very dramatic overhead looking shot.