Video Production Los Angeles

No matter the size and scope of your video project for your Los Angeles company, we will treat it like a Hollywood video production. We start with the development process in which we help formalize an outline based on your ideas and goals for your video. This will eventually lead to a feasible script which will act as the ultimate blue print for your production.

Green Screen

Pre Production

Our Los Angeles videographers then will work with you during the pre-production phase which we will help visualize what the video production will ultimately look like. This will include any necessary storyboarding for any elaborate shots. The scheduling and planning will also take place during this stage in which we will realize what locations will the shooting take place at, who are actors and subjects will be, what equipment will be used for what particular shots, and what call times will be assigned to each person involved in the shooting. Based on this information, it will also help realize what the final cost and budget of the project will be. And just like any other project, during this stage we would strive to realize what all of the costs and risks are in going forward with the production and what can be done to mitigate those risks as well as lower the costs involved. A final evaluation will be made to then determine on whether to commit to the project or back out before any more losses may occur.

After compositing

Full Production in Orange County

If the project is given the green light, our Los Angeles videographers move to principle photography and full production begins. During the actual production phase all of the cast and Orange County videography crew members would have already been determined during the pre-production phase as well as the initial production schedule. But before any taping begins, the set would first be prepared which includes any props and needed equipment such as videography recording devices, microphones, and lighting setup. If the Orange County videography production is not a live event, the director will first rehearse the script with the actors to assure that they understand their lines and what actions they need to make during the actual taping. When taping begins, the director will shoot as many takes needed to get the right shot and correct performances from the actors. But this does not necessarily mean that the time to complete a scene is open-ended. The director understands that a budget and schedule must be maintained and will still do whatever it takes to stay within those limits.

Call Sheets

After each day of video taping, call sheets will then be assigned to the cast and crew for the next day of shooting. The existing footage are then captured and cut into dailies allowing the director to realize if any retakes will be necessary. Once all of the necessary taping has been completed the Los Angeles videography production is wrapped up and the project moves to the post-production phase.

Post Production

In post-production the existing footage will be edited into a rough cut. This will help determine which the best shots are to include in the video. The editor will then will cut the video to flow in a good rhythm and coherent story. This eventually leads to creating a fine cut of the video. Once this version of the video has been accepted, the music and sound is added to the presentation. The audio will be mastered which will also include any sound effects while the video will be color corrected. Finally, in the end, this magic will result in the desired goal of your project. Anything less than excellence is unacceptable.