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Technological Progess

With the popularity of high definition or HD videography, Orange County and Los Angeles has never had a greater opportunity to capture their event with vivid picture quality and crisp clear audio. Technology continues to progress and move forward providing high resolution and excellent dynamic range resulting in breathtaking footage. When covering an Orange County event, our videography can absolutely be considered cinematic. With our different equipment and support systems, our videography can create scenes where it looks like the camera is flying through a scene. With our jib, we can create a dramatic or epic shot of the audience present during the ceremony or reception.

Movie-like Videography

We really do try in the best of our abilities to produce wedding videography that is truly like a movie when it deals with a production or event in Orange County. Even some of the simplest techniques that we use are important. For example, wedding videography can produce great video with just a nice fluid and tripod by generating shots with smooth panning and stable footage. With our glidecam, which is the guerrilla filmmaker version of the steadicam, can produce the flying like footage. Our dolly creates that nice wedding videography sliding effect.