Los Angeles Skyline

Southern California

It's common knowledge that Orange County and of course Los Angeles is the home of many Hollywood landmarks. So many locations have been filmed or videotaped that have been seen in countless number of major motion pictures, television shows, and commercials. But all of this should come to no surprise since the city and the surrounding areas of Orange County are so diverse with its landscapes and architecture.

Los Angeles City Hall

Being located in the greater Orange County area allows us to take advantage of such locations for video productions. When one thinks of some of the greater Los Angeles landmarks, one might think of Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Blvd., the Hollywood Sign, The Grauman's Chinese Theater, The Santa Monica Pier, or the Beverly Hills Hall. But these are just to name a few. No matter what your video production entails most likely every possible type of location can be found in Orange County.

This may be news to many, but many of these landmarks have offices specifically meant to organize video productions at their locations. For example, the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) handles more than 150 films shot at their campus per year. However, some of these locations can also charge quite a bit so if your video production is on a tight budget you might have to select your locations carefully. For example, just to video tape or film at the Los Angeles Convention Center it costs $3500 per day and that's for just one location. Each additional location is an additional $3500 per day.

Other areas of Los Angeles that have also been very popular for filming are schools belonging to the Pasadena Unified School district. Many television shows and movies such as NUMB3RS, That 70's House, Jarhead, and Little Miss Sunshine are just to name a few that have been shot on particular campuses of the district. Therefore, just because you are in Orange County does not mean you have to confine your shooting locations to the more well known landmarks of the greater area.

Los Angeles - Known for It's Hollywood Landmarks

For example, in the movie Back to the Future there was the scene where Michael J. Fox's character drives off to the 1950s in the Delorean time machine in front of a typical looking twin pines mall. But in fact, the twin pines mall was actually the Puente Hills Mall which is located only several miles from Orange County and about 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

So what does this all mean? If your business is located around the Orange County area, you have been blessed with the many location opportunities to shoot your video. But even if you cannot afford to pay for and exclusively reserve videotaping at a particular landmark, that won't be a problem. Through the magic of green screen and compositing, we can simply video tape multiple angles of the location and later superimpose the actors into the shots. Orange County is at your finger tips.