Southern California Beach

Southern California Wedding Videographer

Orange County and Los Angeles are usually the two areas that one thinks of when the words Southern California are brought up. Because of the great weather and diversity within Southern California, our wedding videographers have been blessed with many locations to choose from when it comes to finding a place that will hold their wedding ceremony and reception. Not to mention, Southern California provides great opportunities to capture great wedding video which is no wonder why the business of wedding videography and other videographers have strived in this area recently. There seems to be a golf course and country club in almost every city in Southern California. There are so many different churches, cathedrals, missions, chapels, temples, and courtyards that exist in this part of the country in which every religion or denomination has a facility of worship and for weddings.

Great Weather and Landscaping in Southern California

The great all year round warm weather allows facilities to maintain lush and wonderful landscaping and greenery no matter what the season. Beaches and tremendous hills sides in Southern California provide some of the best locations for weddings. Even during the months of December, January, and February is it common to hold celebrations where in other parts of the country it would be considered unheard of because of the harsh cold weather. Other than Southern California, Florida, Hawaii, Arizona, and Nevada what other areas in this country do you hear about in which outdoor weddings are taking place during those months?

Ceremonial Locations Great For Videography

Southern California Cathedral

But with so many choices in Southern California, which facilities would be great to hold a wedding. Well, first off there's the question of do you wish to have a religious ceremony? If so, which religion are you? If you are Christian what is your denomination? There are so many places of worship in Southern California, even if you are unfamiliar with the area, chances are that even simply picking up a phone book will allow you to find a fine location that is nearby to you locally. For example, our Southern California Wedding Videography team shot a ceremony in Walnut California, which neighbors Orange County, at a great Methodist church named the Walnut United Methodist Church. Their place of worship is surrounded with glass walls in which a foyer exists just outside. In Diamond Bar, there is the St. Denis Catholic church which probably has some of the most beautiful indoor architecture and design. Typical as many other Catholic churches have, their high ceilings create a great aesthetically pleasing experience along with the wonderful painting of the Stations of the Cross.

Hotel Locations in Southern California

As for reception locations in Southern California, it's obvious that there are many facilities near beaches. There are also so many golf courses and country clubs available to hosting a great reception. But there are also so many grand hotels that are not even directly located in the area of Orange County and Los Angeles. For example, there is the Pacific Palms resort located in Industry Hills. The fantastic hotel has several ballrooms that possess a terrace view overlooking Southern California. The hotel also has a golf course and country club. And like most golf courses, it has a beautiful gazebo to hold wedding ceremonies making it convenient for wedding parties to hold the entire celebration in one location.

Restaurant Locations

There is countless number of restaurants which our Southern California Wedding Videography team shot at that specialize in holding wedding receptions. One Southern California location is the Coco Palm restaurant in Pomona, California. This facility is located high atop the hills of Pomona in which there is a panoramic view of Southern California. The restaurant itself specializes in exquisite Cuban cuisines. The facility also even has its own DJ and MC to host your event and keep your celebration an entertaining one.

Wide Location Selection

Therefore, no matter where you decide to celebrate your wedding in Southern California, chances are you can't go wrong with whatever you end up going with. The diverse selection not only assures that you will find a location that your guests will enjoy, but it also will help finding one that you can afford. This wide range of places that Southern California has helps allow creativity and originality.