Reception Ceremony Segue with Montage Effect

When you watch a movie or a show on TV, the story is usually broken down into different acts or segments. This also applies to a wedding video since it deals with at least two distinct events: the wedding ceremony and the reception. After the first kiss occurs, it usually signifies that the wedding ceremony has ended and the newlyweds and bridal party members stay behind to finish off wedding pictures while guests begin to make their way to the reception for cocktails. It then leads to the formal introductions of the bridal party in which the reception begins. The wedding ceremony and reception are such two different events that simply cutting to the reception from the first kiss would seem awkward and abrupt. Therefore, the transition between these events in the wedding video is a big part of the storytelling process. Without any special editing, this section of a wedding video would go from the first kiss, to the recessional march, and to a few brief cuts of the reception hall which helps establish scenery. However, we can extend this transitional segue by adding moments of the photo shoot with the bridal party and family members.

Extended First Kiss to Reception Segue

In this clip, it demonstrates how a wedding video would look like with the First Kiss Segue With Montage Effect. Right when the bride and groom have their first kiss as husband and wife, we cue in a special song of their choice as shown on this clip. But rather than just showing the recessional march and a few establishing shots of the reception hall segued to the formal introductions, we put together a montage of clips from your photo shoot with your bridal party and family members. If we have enough time we'll get footage of your cocktail hour and include this into this extended video montage. This segueing makes the transition between the ceremony and reception helps make your wedding video a little more interesting. Not to mention, this song usually has an upbeat mood which helps accentuate the celebratory mood of the couple.

Wedding Reception at Burbank, Just Outside Los Angeles

Other Fun Facts: We shot this wedding reception at the Castaway in Burbank which isn't too far from Downtown Los Angeles. But what was really great about this location is the restaurant is located high atop a hill overlooking the city of Burbank. It's no surprised that it has been nicknamed the "Jewel on the Hill".