Reception and Ceremony Segue with No Effect

Just like in any movie, play, or television show, there are multiple acts or parts in the story. A wedding video is no different in which the footage taken in the ceremony is considered a different act from the footage taken during the reception. Typically, the final event that takes place during the ceremony is the first kiss between the new husband and wife. The next part of your wedding video logically would be coverage of the reception in which it would start off with footage of the cocktail hour and then the formal introductions of the bridal party. However, simply going from the first kiss to the reception would feel unnatural and too abrupt in the video. That's why this segueing between the wedding ceremony and the reception is so important in a wedding video.

Shortened Segue

In this clip, it demonstrates how a wedding video would like without any additional editing effect. When we edit this segue, we use a song selected by the bride and groom to play in the background. Once the first kiss is made this song is cued up in which we then show footage of the recessional march leading to some establishing shots of the reception. These establishing shots could be brief clips of the wedding cake or the reception hall as it shows here in the wedding video sample.

Wedding Video Near The Inland Empire and Orange County

Other Fun Facts: This wedding was first shot in Diamond Bar's St. Dennis Catholic Church which is right next to Orange County. The city of Diamond Bar actually resides in the Los Angeles county but since its neighboring are Chino Hills and Brea, it is right next to the San Bernardino County or Inland Empire as well as being right next to the Orange County border. We believe this church is one of the most beautiful churches in Southern California. Its high ceilings along with its beautiful paintings of the Stations of the Cross definitely allow great opportunities for the some great shots.