Promotional Video Production

A promotional video production is similar to a documentary in which it is normally perceived as a work of nonfiction attempting to bring awareness on a particular subject or product or service. That subject could range from historical events or figures, to scientific discoveries, to political and social issues. Another very popular usage of documentary genre are pieces illustrating the methods and behind the scene makings of motion picture films. These types of documentaries have been subjected to becoming special features included in the DVD releases of many major motion pictures. A promotional video can act the same way in that it could be a behind the scenes video of your organization, product, or service in Los Angeles or Orange County.

Just like documentaries fall into the genre of nonfiction, promotional videos allows a certain level of believability perceived by its audience. This phenomenon may be related to the success of reality TV. Rather than watching actors portray certain fictional character and events, documentaries allow viewers to hear testimony straight from alleged experts and eye witnesses. As a result, documentary style promotional videos have achieved much success as tools of information, propaganda, and entertainment produced within a relatively low budget.

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Educate Viewers Through Los Angeles and Orange County

Promotional video productions in Orange County or Los Angeles have been used successfully as tools to either promote or educate viewers as it was mentioned earlier. Several ideas may explain why the format of documentaries has been so effective. For one, a documentary provides a combination of visuals and sounds telling a story just like any movie. Such techniques can be used to invoke certain emotions and reactions leading to keeping an audience engaged and even persuaded.

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Stir Up Interest

Another reason attributed to this format's success may be because it "focuses on unwelcome facts", according to historian Erik Barnouw. Whether those "facts" are really facts or rather just inaccurate assertions portrayed as fact, may not be what's truly relevant. But perhaps it is the controversy in its ideas that in general stirs up interest, curiosity, and discussion.

Create Awareness

Because a documentary style promotional video provides a medium to promote or create awareness on whatever subject, businesses, corporations, and organizations have used this tool to their advantage. Organizations can create a documentary that further explains their cause or goals. Businesses can even promote their services or products directly or indirectly. For example, a television manufacturer can create a documentary about how the television evolved throughout time eventually affecting the lives of many throughout the world.

The documentary would not necessarily be about their company or their product, but in the piece itself they can show themselves as experts of TV's history and what to expect in the future from the technology. This could in turn result in viewers having a positive perception of the company without feeling as if they are watching an direct infomercial.

Planning Your Promotional Video Production

With the proper research and planning, creating a successful promotional video production is certainly achievable. Adept Eye can help you from the beginning of your promotional video's inception all the way to post production and editing. We can help outline key points in your story and recommend which production techniques and methods will be most effective. When it's time to cut the footage, we are experts in pacing the documentary and making sure it is coherent. But most important, we make certain the documentary communicates the message you wish to express to your viewers.