Prioritizing Wedding Services

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We fully understand the importance of prioritizing the needs of a wedding. You definitely have to have a venue for both the ceremony and reception. You definitely have to have invitations, flowers, a wedding dress, a tuxedo, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen tuxedos, music entertainment, and a photographer. Those are all the must haves. But why is the wedding videography service typically disregarded or not even considered a priority? When the founders of Adept Eye got married it was several years before they were involved in the wedding videography industry. They too at the time did not even consider hiring a professional videographer. They instead asked one of their uncles to videotape the wedding and the groom's father had set up his camcorder on a tripod. Their brother-in-law also recorded some of the wedding on his camcorder.

This is definitely very common in today's weddings. After their wedding their uncle even took the time to copy his 8mm videotape onto a VHS tape for them. It was of course not really edited except for him removing some of the footage that may have been shaky and usable. After watching the video maybe once or twice and they then stored it away for many years. Several years after their wedding the husband decided to go into the wedding videography business. You see, at the time he was an aspiring filmmaker. He figured many of the same techniques would be used in a wedding videography production no matter if it took place in Los Angeles or Orange County. Not to mention, I had been through my weddings as well as my own so I knew what I would like to see in a high definition wedding video. At the time, wedding video footage that they had seen was somewhat laughable. It made them wonder if any of these wedding videography companies had ever seen a television show or a movie.

Cheesy Wedding Videographers In Los Angeles

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Ironically, these were wedding videographers based in Los Angeles or even Hollywood. How can some of these people have very little filmmaking skills and knowledge? Much of the wedding video was shot and edited in somewhat "cheesy" ways. You would have the shot where the camera is rotating clockwise creating a somewhat dizzying effect. But why would anyone think that such footage would be considered interesting? And then there were the "cheesy" transitions such as the horizontal and vertical wipes. This is what got them thinking that this was one of the reasons why many couples had such a negative view of wedding videographers in Southern California. How could anyone blame them. Even when the founders got married they had the same view of them as well.

The Revolution

But as of late, many videography groups have done amazing things to revolutionize the industry. They have applied the same cinematic and dramatic techniques in producing a wedding video that are used in Hollywood productions. From steadicam flying shots, to jib and crane shots, to slider and dolly shots, the cinematography has improved significantly. Even the editing has become more film-like in which footage is actually being color corrected and there is the important absence of silly transitions.