Pasadena Videographer

Couple Married in Pasadena
The Rosebowl and its parade are probably the most well known things of the city of Pasadena. A videographer or two can probably be found during the event hired to document a specific float's journey from set up to the end of the parade's route. Pasadena, especially Old Town Pasadena is filled with many restaurants, bars, and dance clubs making its nightlife a dream for those in the single life. Ironically, it is also somewhere that couples have celebrated their union which a videographer of ours has covered. Pasadena is sometimes found as being conflated with other surrounding areas such as Altadena, La Canada Flintridge, San Marino, and Sierra Madre. This leads to some referring this to the Pasadena area. As a result, many in those areas when seeking a videographer may type in "videographer Pasadena" even though their wedding will actually not be in that city.

Bride fixing Groom Tie
If you are looking for a perfect outdoor location, our videography organization can attest to Pasadena Museum of History being a great candidate. It is known for have a long stairway aisle leading to the front of the museum. Atop of the stairway is where the ceremony would take place in which the guests would be seated on each side. We had a videographer shoot from the bottom of the stairway to get a frontal view of the ceremony while we had another videographer off to the side to get close up shots. But this venue would definitely call for even a third videographer to capture the ceremony from atop the balcony overlooking the couple and guests.