Palos Verdes Wedding Videographer

Couple at Palos Verdes During Sunset
This makes it easy to work with a videographer or any vendor which generally results in a successful outcome. And just like the other Palos Verde locations, it too has a wonderful view of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. We have shot weddings there in the spring and the fall. In the spring, when there is more daylight throughout the day allows a videographer to capture the view in daylight. In the fall, when the days are shorter, a different look altogether comes to life in which the peninsula sparkles with the lights from homes and other buildings. This was definitely a must for our videographer to capture.

Palos Verdes Church
We have also provided our videography service at the Los Verdes Golf Course. Like the La Venta Inn, it too has a courtyard overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There are numerous areas in at the location for a videographer to get many romantic shots of the couple. However, the couple and the videographer would have to take a golf cart to get to those locations. This is why before the special day, it would be wise for the couple and the videographer to scout the location together to get an idea of what shots would be best suited towards their liking. So after the rehearsal a couple can request The Los Verde Golf Course to have a golf cart driver take the couple and videographer around the course to scout for the best shots.