Opening with Montage

For any movie or TV show, the opening scene of is absolutely important since it establishes a mood, grabs the viewer's attention, or sets up the storyline and character. It is no different when it comes to a wedding video. One of the effects or editing options that we offer is to start your video off with a series of video clips of the bride preparing before the ceremony and the groom making his arrival to the wedding location. If you have not done so yet, please take a look the wedding video clip titled "Opening with NO Effect". That clip demonstrates what a normal opening would look like without this effect.

The Anticipation - Wedding Video Montage of Bride Preparing and Groom Arriving

This effect first shows the title of your wedding video along with a song that you select. Our videographers then put together a video montage of clips showing the bride getting ready. These series of clips can show the make up artist putting on the bride's make up or the hair stylist fixing her hair. In this example, there are shots of the bridesmaids making little adjustments to the bride's dress and hair. Our wedding videographers also put together clips of the bridesmaids and bride taking pictures together with the wedding photographer. We also show several shots of the bride by herself and then with her parents. Not every opening montage will be the same. Because the events of day are so organic, we simply just take footage of natural interaction with the bride and those involved with her before the actual wedding ceremony.

But we can't forget the groom. In this video montage we also show the groom arriving at the ceremony's location along with his groomsmen. Again, we simply document the day by taking shots of the natural interaction of the groom and groomsmen while they are anticipating the ceremony's commencement. Just as we do with the bride, we also video tape the photo shoot of the wedding photographer with the groom and groomsmen.

Another thing we can add here, which is also shown in this example, is little messages that the bride and groom have for each other within the video montage. We simply do a little one or two minute interviews with the bride and then groom (separately) before the ceremony just for you to give their thoughts of what they're feeling, what they're anticipating, or what message they would like to just say to each other. It's common for couples to feel camera shy or feel they don't have anything creative or moving to say which why they would rather not say anything. But remember, this is a wedding video that couples and family will see not just see a couple of weeks after the wedding but maybe 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 50 years later. What videographers can accomplish that no wedding photograph can is a simple interaction of the person. To see your loved one 20 years from now talk and move and react is the most important thing, not necessarily the words that they say. Not to mention, this is something that a couple's children and grandchildren will view.

Videographers at Los Angeles Hyatt

Other Fun Facts: This video was shot at the Hyatt Century Plaza in Los Angeles. Their gazebo and wedding area is a beautiful location to shoot a wedding video. But similarly to many outdoor weddings in Los Angeles, it can be somewhat windy even during the summertime.