Opening with No Effect

The opening to your video is definitely one of the most important scenes of your wedding video. It's the first thing that will captivate your viewer to want to watch your presentation. An effect or editing option that we offer is to start your video off first with a montage of video clips of the bride getting ready and the groom arriving to the ceremony. But before we show you what that editing option effect looks like, this wedding video clip shows you what a normal opening would look like without the effect.

Establishing Shots

If you notice, the video opens up with our animated logo of Adept Eye followed by the title screen of your wedding video. Normally, the title of the video will be the name of the song that you use during your first dance. Afterwards, we cut to a couple of shots of the environment and other establishing shots to help your viewer have an idea of where and when the wedding took place. After those shots are shown we immediately cut to the beginning of the ceremony in which the bridal party enters as well as the groom and the groomsmen.

Videography in Palos Verdes, Los Angeles

Other Fun Facts: If you notice, this video was shot at Palos Verdes which is about 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. The wedding took place in the month of November in which the wind was howling and the temperature was in the mid 50s. But the real interesting thing to look out for is the lighting. The wedding began right at dusk in which there was very little light. There were lanterns surrounding the wedding ceremony, but those light sources were very dim. But with our cameras, this was not a problem since they perform very well in low light.