Music Video Production

You're near completion of recording your LP. You've selected your first release single. What's next? For independent artists, 10 years ago producing a music video probably was out of the question. To produce anything worth presenting would have cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. After making the video, there would only be a handful of places that people could even see your video. It was a high risk yet high reward if your video received heavy rotation on MTV, VH1, or BET.

But with the tremendous improvement of video technology, a cinematic professional looking music video can be produced for just several thousands or even hundreds of dollars depending on how elaborate you wish your production to be. In addition, the internet and broad band have allowed the success of new media outlets for users to view video online on demand.

Like any project, there ultimately is a goal that it is trying to achieve. In other words, you don't want to produce a music video just for the sake of saying you have a music video. But let's look at its benefits. A music video allows you to leave a visual impression on your audience. It gives you an opportunity to visually express what your song represents as well as how you look and interact on the small screen. It allows you to give a mini performance as well as gain needed exposure to your audience. If anything, a music video can even be thought of as a 3 minute TV commercial, advertising you as an artist and performer, advertising your song, and advertising your LP.

Green Screen

Steps In Making Los Angeles Music Video

When you finally decide to go forward with this video production, the next step is how effective will your music video be. This all depends on your script or at least the basic concept and story that your video is trying to tell. What visuals will be memorable? How do they coincide with your song? How does the lyric enhance the effectiveness of the scene and vice versa? Remember, it's not necessarily what the visuals look like but how does it make the audience feel? What emotions or reactions do they invoke? Does it create a connection with your audience in which they can relate to the visual?

After compositing

High Risk High Reward Video Production

As previously mentioned, music videos were high risk high reward type of ventures. But today, for just several thousands or even hundreds of dollars you could produce a broadcast quality music video in Los Angeles that will guarantee to being seen by at least hundreds but most likely thousands of viewers across the country. Sure, your ultimate goal should be to achieve regular rotation on MTV, VH1, or BET. But even if you are not successful there, the internet offers the opportunity to build up a fanbase in such places like, Google Video, and of course The wackiest and lowest quality productions on easily garner in tens of thousands of views. An effective and original video can easily accomplish the same results. And don't forget, just as there are small college radio stations that focus on indie bands and artists, there are local video stations that strive to do the same.

Music Video Helps Separate You in Orange County

Finally, a music video can also be used as part of your press kit arsenal. When media outlets such as Orange County radio stations and magazines receive your press kit, you are competing with hundreds of other artists. What separates you from them? Or, even more importantly, are they expecting you to at least have a music video in order to take you seriously?