Marina Del Rey Wedding Videographer

The number of cities in the Southern California area near bodies of water has always been popular sites to have ceremonies and receptions. The area of Marina Del Rey is no different. It is located right next to Venice, Playa del Rey, and Balboa Creek. One reason for its popularity for couples to celebrate their union together could be due to the fact that Marina Del Rey has the second most restaurants per square mile in the country. Only the city of New York has more restaurants per square mile. It would be not very surprising to find out that each videographer has at least covered one venue in Marina del Rey. With the ocean and its harbor nearby, a wedding videographer can find many locations to capture the couple in front of.

One of the venues that we covered in the Marina del Rey area was the Country Club on the Water. Each wedding videographer of ours found it to be a beautifully decorated banquet hall. During the introductions of the bridal party one videographer had to be stationed near the bottom of a ramp. Basically, as each couple was introduced they would walk down a ramp to help bring a more dramatic effect in their entrance. This ramp also helps a videographer in isolating and focusing on the couple or the bridal party members as they enter into the banquet hall. A particular thing that our videographer could not capture was the view of the harbor in the background. This was not because it was anything within control of the videographer but it was because it was an evening reception.