Interviews Effect

Sometimes when we ask a couple if they would like us to interview their guests to include in their wedding video they sometimes will say no because they do not want to impose on their guests during the wedding celebration. But to much of their surprise many guests will volunteer and even ask us if they could say something to the camera for the couple to hear. Believe it or not, usually most of the guests are more than willing to participate their thoughts and words in a wedding video. Other times, a couple may think that they don't want to have to hear something ridiculous or inappropriate from their guests which is why they would rather not have any interviews. But that's where the magic of editing comes into play. We'll only include interviews or portions of interviews that you think are appropriate.

Intercutting Wedding Video with Interviews

But besides hearing the words and thoughts the guests want to share on a wedding video, surprisingly the usual reason couples decide to show interviews because the change ups and brief interruptions of the actual wedding day footage helps keep the wedding video more interesting. This technique is used in many of the reality shows in which you'll see footage of the events and conflicts that take place in which interviews are intercut in between. These interviews are normally used to give more of a background and insight of the characters' thoughts and feelings to help understand the situations in the reality show. But this technique also is used to give a change in tempo and rhythm which helps make the reality show more interesting. This technique can also be used to make your wedding video seem more like a documentary or even your own person reality show rather than be like the standard wedding event video.

Wedding Video Taken at St. Paul the Apostle Church in Los Angeles

Other Fun Facts: This wedding video clip was taken from a wedding ceremony which took place at the St. Paul the Apostle Church in Los Angeles.