Inland Empire Wedding Videographer

Couple Water Fountain

With so many great cities like Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, Chino Hills, Claremont, San Bernardino, and even Palm Springs within the Inland Empire, it is not a surprise that as a result we have provided wedding videography coverage in each of those cities. With numerous venues from classic ballrooms to beautiful golf courses to rebuilt vintage theaters to modern churches and religious landmarks, Adept Eye has been fortunate to document one of the most important days in many couples lives across the Inland Empire. A wedding videographer or two would arrive at your wedding about an hour before their scheduled start time. This would allow the videographer to scout the location as well as set up any stationary cameras and any other equipment. And even if the venue is not yet available from us to start setting up, that additional hour could allow us to perhaps get video shots of the venue such as its exterior.

Setting Up Videography

Setting up Wedding

We might be able to even get videography coverage of the Inland Empire venue setting everything up. This may not seem important but just seeing a few shots in your video has somewhat of a humbling effect. Just to see people working hard to put everything together so that your day turns out as special as you hope it would be can help you realize how big the day really was. Because the Inland Empire is further away from the beach, its weather tends to be warmer and dryer. But even when the sun is scorching hot we can endure the condition and get great footage. It is obvious that weddings typically occur during the summertime so we know what to expect. A wedding videographer is not just there to press record and let the camera just roll. We will do our best to get creative and cinematic shots. But at the same time, we will try not to get up in your face and be intrusive.