Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Video of Couple Kissing in Orange County
Before you hire a Los Angeles wedding videographer vendor or even an Orange County Wedding Videographer to cover your wedding day it is important to understand what that really entails. Videographers obviously are people who work with the video medium which captures moving images and sound. But unlike big movie productions, the videographers usually works in smaller productions such as weddings, training videos, events, and promotional videos. In such productions, even the videographers are not only responsible for recording footage at the event, but he or she is also responsible for the lighting, sound, and even editing the footage while a cinematographer or director of photography leaves the editing to the editor of the film. Keeping this in mind, videographers are therefore expected to wear many hats and must be masters of each in order to produce a quality video.

Fantastic Videography Footage

The first quality a wedding videographer or an must have is the ability to capture great footage. This is where they must have the skills to that of a cinematographer. But what makes a good cinematographer? There are many schools of thought and opinions on this. For example, in Joseph Mascelli's book The Five C's of Cinematography he mentions that the most important things are camera angles, continuity, cutting, close ups, and composition. But to keep it simple, we believe in a more ideological view in which it is not necessarily what the footage look like but how does it make you feel. What emotions does the video invoke? What reactions do they bring about from its viewers? You may hear technical terms like chromatic saturation, compositions following the rule of thirds or the diagonal rule. But these terms are just ways of communicating between directors and cinematographers or are just technical jargon so that compositions can be explained and in hopes to being able to recreate the same effect.

Footage Must Have Movement

Videographers Filming Beach Location
Just as there are certain technical aspects that cinematographers use there are certain techniques that videographers can apply when taking footage of an event. When you look at footage from videographers, look to see if their shots are static or have any movement. For example, are there any panning of the camera from one side to the other or does the camera ever point high and then pans down? Next, if the camera does have panning are the shots from the videographers slow and fluid or abrupt and fast? The reason why this needs to be asked is because if the camera pans too quickly then you end up with footage leaving the viewer dizzy. But if the video's panning is slow and fluid, it normally creates several things. One, the movement is less noticeable and easier for the eye to follow without making the viewer feel dizzy. And two, if the videographers pan the camera slower it can help build more anticipation to what the camera is about to reveal. Such anticipation can help create a more dramatic effect.

Shaky or Steady Videography

The next thing to look for is if the video footage shaky or is it steady. It's true that the shaky camera technique is becoming more and more popular in major motion pictures and television dramas. But the reason why this technique is now being used more is to create tension. Many thrillers such as The Bourne Ultimatum and The Constant Gardener almost go the entire film with the camera shaking. However, this would not be appropriate for a wedding video. Well, unless we expect somebody in the crowd to all of a sudden jump out into a chase sequence. If the videographer's footage is mostly shaky it's probably because they did not have a tripod to place their camera on. Even some videographers seem to against using a tripod. We have yet to fully understand why such videographers in Southern California feel this way? Maybe it's because they don't realize that there are great fluid heads that can be attached to the tripod that can help create great smooth camera panning?