Hawaii Videographer

Videographer With Couple at Hilton Hawaii Village
We of course are a videography organization that primarily covers events in the Southern California area. We have been fortunate enough to accommodate our service to numerous couples in such a diverse number of venues. But just because we are located in Southern California does not mean we would ever turn down the opportunity to send a videographer away from our local area to Hawaii. Probably the most memorable experience that we have had outside the Southern California area was when we were hired to provide videography coverage in Waikiki Hawaii. This great state of our union has to be one of the most beautiful places to get married. It was as if every spot where a videographer would pose the couple was always a beautiful one.

Couple Posing with Hawaii Videographer
This extravagant hotel brings no surprise when it comes to its popularity with tourists. It is also to no surprise that many couples get married here. We were lucky enough for our couple who we were covering to handle our expenses since any trip to these wonderful islands can be pricey. But as they say you only hope to get married once in your life so if you are going to do it, do it big! This had to be the ultimate dream for a videographer. With an ocean, palm trees, waterfalls, and colorful orchids, it actually was difficult for a videographer. It was of course not because of a limited number of spots to get video in front of. Instead, it was having to decide which ones to decide from such a huge number of spots.