First Dance with Montage Effect

The event almost goes without saying as far as its importance to a reception. The first dance although sometimes varies in which it takes place during a wedding reception. Sometimes it occurs right after the newlyweds' grand entrance which is probably the most common. Another alternative would be to have the couple have their first dance right after dinner as a way to starting up the reception festivities after a completing a great feast. The first dance can also occur after the last speech or toast that has been made just before dinner is served. But no matter its place in a reception, this typically is one of the highlights of the day and of course in a wedding video. As a result, we offer an effect that include fade ins of your romantic footage taken by our videographers that also helps enhance this scene and moment in a wedding video.

Romantic Shot Effect

In this clip, it demonstrates how a wedding video would look like with this effect added to the first dance. To help keep the interest of your viewers and maintain a good pace of change ups in your wedding video, our wedding videographers can do an intercut between scenes from your romantic photo shoot with your wedding photographer and the actual scene of the first dance. The romantic wedding shots are meant to show images of the newlywed together alone for the first time as husband and wife. Because there is a certain level of intimacy in those wedding photographs, those images work well with the intimate moments in the wedding's first dance. You'll see in the clip the couple first entering the reception hall as our videographers follows them from behind while the two are greeted by the applause from their guests as they make their way to the dance floor. Then as their first dance progresses we start to fade into clips from their romantic photo shoot and then fade back into the wedding dance for the duration of the song.

Wedding Reception at Bel Air, Westside of Los Angeles

Other Fun Facts: We shot this wedding reception at the Hotel Bel Air. Their wedding gazebo is right next to a pond which has beautiful swans and ducks which really helps set a romantic mood for a wedding. Because of the greenery that surrounds the gazebo there are so many great shots that can be taken for the video. Another interesting note, back in 2005 when we shot a wedding at this location, Andre Agassi and Stefi Graf were relaxing in the pool during the wedding celebration.