Father Daughter Dance

This event is a time when the father and the bride can share a special moment together. For some men, it is no problem to get on the dance floor and dance to a nice and slow ballad. However, there are still some fathers who will try and stay away as far as possible from the dance floor. It obviously doesn't help when they know they will be taking center floor with everyone watching and wedding videographers documenting the event. But this moment shouldn't be about movement and performance. Instead, it should be thought of as a once in a lifetime moment in which the father of the bride and his daughter can connect, reflect, and just be together. As the father escorts his daughter to the dance floor and then holds her hand during the dance this all also represents him helping bringing his daughter to the next stage of her life in a celebratory action through dance.

Videography Effect with Father Daughter Picture Fade Ins

As it was mentioned previously in the First Dance section, because the song for the father daughter dance will be playing loudly, no one will at the event nor will the wedding video capture any of the dialogue between the father of the bride and his daughter. Commonly, during the dance the bride may reminisce on some of the special times she had with her father in her private thoughts. To help reproduce those memories, we can provide an effect in which we fade in and out to pictures with the father and his daughter as she grows up to who she is now. In this video clip, it demonstrates the father first escorting his daughter to the dance floor. As the dance progresses we start to fade in pictures of the father holding his daughter when she was very young. We then fade back in to show some more of the father daughter dance. This process goes on for the duration of the entire song in which we fade in and out showing a total of 10 to 12 childhood to adult pictures of them together.

Videography Taken During Reception at South Orange County

Other Fun Facts: This video clip was taken from a wedding reception which took place at the Coto de Caza. This golf course and country club opened in 1987 and is not only one of the best courses in South Orange County but was once ranked in the 25 golf courses in the country.