Evolution of Wedding Videography

Wedding Video of Groom

In the early years of wedding video, the quality simply was not up to standards. Just to get any decent footage the Orange County wedding video had to have very bright lighting but even that still resulted in poor contrast and color saturation of the image. The audio of the wedding video would also be in mono which meant poor sound quality in addition to the poor quality footage. Not to mention, non-linear editors were too expensive or hadn't even existed. As a result, the most advanced type of editing would just to remove the unusable footage in which the wedding videographers were moving from one location to another and also maybe adding a few special transitional effects such as fading in and out. Because of such low quality many have had a poor impression of modern day wedding videographers.

Arriving to the Digital Age

What many have not come to realize is that the videographers' technology has jumped leaps and bounds since the early inception of providing Orange County wedding video services. One would think since Hollywood is in the Los Angeles area and not too far from Orange County, that it would be common knowledge in Southern California that the technology of videographers can provide sometimes breathtaking footage. The days of recording Orange County wedding video footage to an analog tape are coming to the end in which the digital age has now revolutionized. The vast improvements allow being able to take good footage in even the lowest of lit situations. Most prosumer videographer cameras also record audio in stereo. Not to mention, the super and hyper cardiod shotgun microphones as well as wireless lapel microphones allow wedding videographers to have amazing audio quality.

Technological Improvements in Wedding Video

Wedding Video of Bride

Because of this technological explosion in video, wedding video in Orange County and throughout Southern California have multiplied in the number of providers. Before the costs of creating a quality Orange County wedding video was not even justified which also limited the number of providers. But since the cost of a professional digital videographer camera of come down as well as the cost of non linear editors, it has actually resulted in many entering this industry who really are not qualified to do so.

Capturing Great Wedding Video Footage

Many of those now involved in the wedding video business entered in thinking all they have to do is buy a couple of prosumer videographer cameras, a tripod, a computer workstation, editing software, and a DVD authoring software and now they are qualified to charge thousands of dollars to provide wedding videography services in Orange County, Los Angeles, or other areas in Southern California. But just because so called wedding videographers have the equipment, it doesn't necessarily mean they are equipped in creating a cinematic and journalistic wedding video. A wedding video professional, like any film or professional production requires the videographers to have the ability in capturing great footage. The wedding videographers have to have shots with great composition, lighting, and camera angles. The sound and audio has to be audible and clear just like any movie or television show.