Ending with Recap Montage

Near the end of the wedding day, it typically results with the guests leaving the celebration gradually in which the numbers of people present starts to decrease at the reception while the dancing takes place. The reason for this happening is because there are no more announcements or presentations that will be made. Many of these guests don't find much leisure in dancing so they decide to say their goodbyes and call it an early night. Because the celebration gradually ends with guests dispersing through the night, some may consider that the end of the wedding day is almost anticlimactic. As a result, this would also be reflected on your wedding video in which it would end by showing people dancing with clips of the bride and groom saying goodbye to the guests leaving the party early before it even officially ended.

Video Montage Effect of Wedding Highlights

In this clip, we it show how a wedding video would end if there was an effect added to the ending. After we show some clips of the events that happened during the end of the night, such people dancing and the newlyweds saying goodbye to guests leaving the party, we then fade out and then fade in to a video montage of highlights of the entire wedding day. Just as it is seen in this wedding video, the montage will contain clips of the bride getting ready, her proceeding down the aisle, the two saying vows, the grand entrance to the reception, the first dance, and the bouquet and garter toss.

Inspiring Videography at Los Angeles and Santa Monica

Other Fun Facts: This wedding video for the ceremony took place at the St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Los Angeles while the reception took place at the Double Tree Hotel in Santa Monica during the month of November.