Ending with No Recap

In most wedding celebrations in usually ends with the people at the reception dancing till the end of the night in which there are no more announcements or presentations. In a sense, it sometimes can be somewhat anticlimactic in which the celebration slowly ends with guests departing gradually. During this time, the newlyweds spend much of their time saying thank you and goodbye to each guest leaving the party. Eventually, the DJ announces that the bar is making its last call and it is the last song of the night. After the song is over, the DJ thanks everyone for attending the celebration and wishes everyone a safe trip home.

Ending with No Added Effect

In this clip, we it shows how a wedding video would typically end if there was no effect added to the ending. It simply shows of few people dancing while the bride and groom thank the guests who are leaving the reception. Eventually, the wedding video ends in which it fades to black. For some, they may feel that this is an anticlimactic way to end the wedding video. Therefore, we also offer an edition option effect in which we can end the wedding video with 2 to 3 minute montage of clips summarizing all of the major events that took place throughout the wedding day.

Videography Taken at Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles

Other Fun Facts: This wedding video for the reception took place at the Marina City Club in Marina Del Rey. This area is known as one of Los Angeles' finest beach locations. Its building is located right on the coastline in which there is a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.