Editing Wedding Video

videographer Color Corrects Wedding Footage

We have to cut the video by removing all the unusable footage and keeping the important and best shots. But unlike most photographers, our videographers have 4 different cameras that capture footage. This could be 6 to 8 hours of footage that we have to review. While cutting the video together we have to synch up each of the camera's footage and then cut back and forth between each camera. After synching up and cutting the video we then have to add music. Placing the music is not as simple as one might think. First, there are times we have to find songs that the couple requests that we do not have in our library of music. After obtaining all of their requested music we have to determine where to place that music. But the song can't just play at any arbitrary place in the video. The most appropriate song has to be cued in at the right moment in order to achieve the most effective result.

Mastering the Video's Audio

The audio then has to be mastered, equalized, and normalized in which the audio levels need to be raised when the sound is too low where areas the volume has to be lowered when the audio is too loud. If there is too much bass or too much treble that of course has to be adjusted. But keep in mind that as a videographer we simply can't do that once for the entire video. Instead, we have to do this for the audio for each camera for each scene of the video. Although the final video will be around an hour long, this again may take several hours just to master the audio. Again, this is an element that photographers will never have to worry about.

Videographers Also Color Correct

Cropped Wedding Footage

Then there is the picture. Like photographers, a videographer also have to color correct and enhance the image of the picture. There are times when we have to crop the video just a bit because the subject is off center. But unlike photographers, videographers also have to worry about the velocity and transitions to add into the video. For example, to create a more dramatic effect we may need to add slow motion onto certain shots. We have to determine when to use a flash transition effect, a cross fade transition, fade to black, fade in, or simple cuts or J cuts. Again, this is something that photographers do not have to worry about.


When we deliver the first cut of the video, we initially deliver it onto a standard definition video along with a time code at the bottom of the video. This will allow the couple to review the video and indicate which section of the video that they want changed. After reviewing the video a couple can email a list of changes that includes the appropriate time codes and description of the change. We then edit those segments and post those clips online for the couple to review one last time. Once they give the OK we deliver the final product.