Diamond Bar Videographer

Diamond Bar Venue
The city of Diamond Bar has one of the most interesting locations. It is in an area where Orange County, Los Angeles County, and the San Bernadino County intersect. There was even a moment in time when residents wanted to be a part of Orange County rather than L.A. County. It is no wonder why this has been considered for the home for an NFL football franchise. One can argue that it is the central point of Southern California. But being a geographical intersection point is not the only attribute of Diamond Bar. As a videographer we have worked in some of the most beautiful venues and locations in Southern California. For example, we provided a videographer for a ceremony at St. Denis Catholic Church. Inside, with its extravagant marble floors, well chiseled sculptures, beautiful paintings, incredible interior architecture, and traditional stained glass windows, it is surprises each videographer in our team on why we do not see more ceremonies there. Outside, there is a wonderful courtyard with a good size fountain located in the center.

Diamond Bar also has numerous outdoor locations perfect for engagement videography. There is Sycamore Park which has a bridge with a stream that flows beneath it which perfect for a videographer to shoot a couple. Summit Ridge Park, Heritage Park, and Ronald Reagan Park also have perfect backgrounds for a videographer to capture great engagement footage. As for receptions, there is the Holiday Inn Select, the Diamond Bar Golf Course, and the Diamond Bar Center that has a banquet hall that can hold more than 400 guests. Each of these venues would definitely be unfortunate to not have a videographer to capture the moment.