Commercial Video Production

With the ever growing expansion of broadband as well as the success of video streaming websites like, it is tempting to believe that your business's advertising dollars be focused on internet ads rather than the old fashion TV ad. However, it was reported by Jerry Cobb of CNBC that "TV remained the primary place most consumers are willing to sit through an ad." But what does this mean? In a nutshell, advertising on television may still and may very well always be the most effective way for a video ad or commercial to be viewed.

According to the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA), as of December 2006 there are approximately 111.6 million television households. This translates into a tremendous opportunity for any size business to promote its brand, product, or service to such a large audience. But the very thought of advertising on television would be enough to deter any business because of the preconception of the high costs that may be involved. This may be true when it comes to broadcasting a commercial on a national scale or even to a large region such as the entire southern California area. However, a tremendous alternative exists that may be even more cost effective, affordable and less risky: local cable advertising.

Out of those 111.6 million households, 65.5 million of them are basic cable subscribers. Obviously, this is still a very great opportunity. And what local cable advertising allows businesses to do is target their audience more efficiently at much less the cost. Rather than delivering a commercial solely based on a specific program or programs, businesses can instead choose its audiences based on specific channels. For example, ESPN, MTV, Fox News, Home and Garden, and TNT each have particular audiences making it easier to target specific demographics. Let's say you owned a pizza place that also served beer and broadcasted sporting events on a big screen television. Most likely you would choose to advertise on ESPN regardless of the actual program since most likely it will still be the demographic you are choosing to market to.

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Commercial Video on Orange County Cable TV

Another advantage is that cable TV in Orange County allows you to advertise your business only to areas in which your potential clientele will come from. For example, let's say there is a local tutoring center. Most likely the people that would be interested in patronizing that business would be those that lived within a 3 mile radius. Through cable TV, one can specify exactly which areas they wish the commercial to air. As a result, the costs are lowered while at the same time you are only reaching your targeted audience who live in the surrounding area.

Los Angeles Video Production

Advertising Video Campaign for Los Angeles

Earlier it was mentioned that one can advertise based on local Los Angeles cable channels. But this does not prevent one from creating their television campaign based on specific programs. One can determine that several shows on different cable channels have certain viewers that fit their targeted demographic. For example, let's say there is a small hair salon that caters to both male and females. One specific channel may not be appropriate for them to air their commercial on. However, it may be appropriate to air the ad during reruns of Blind Date on Spike TV and the show What Not to Wear on TLC.