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Capturing Vulnerable Side

While providing our wedding videography service, we have witnessed many weddings where we were simply moved by the events that took place. We have definitely been blessed with some of the footage that we have been able to capture. It's one thing to capture great shots in which the lighting, the background, the sound, and the overall composition were perfect. But it's another thing when the subjects in the shot are revealing a very touching and vulnerable side that many in their families have never seen. Most would agree that it is those moments that really make it worthwhile for us in the industry.

Prioritizing the Video Budget For Your Wedding

It would not be honest if we claimed the monetary values in wedding videography was not a factor in why we do what we do. But when we ask couples to seriously compare their wedding video budget versus their photography budget we show them what videography can capture and document that photography cannot. We understand that couples have to make choices that may result in sacrificing one service over the other. This can result in compromising quality. However, sometimes it is better to have something over not having anything at all. But we want to make sure that you can at least document your event while still being able to afford our videography service as well as your photographer. But there have been times that we have worked with couples who simply could not afford a video production in their budget for their Los Angeles or Orange County based wedding. After meeting with them and seeing their sincerity and their compassion we felt it just would not in our nature to turn away their business. This is why when approached, we always try to find ways to provide our wedding videographer Orange County service. If life was perfect, we would give our service away for free to all those we felt would be nice to work with. But obviously, reality does not allow such a thing. But reality does allow compromise, prioritizing, and sacrificing certain things to obtain other things.

Exceptional Service by First-Rate Videographers

For example, we had an older couple who were both retired. It was the groom's second marriage in which his previous wife had passed away years before. When he spoke so passionately about the necessity of having a wedding videographer Orange County service, we could not help but to feel moved. We knew that it would not be one of our more profitable videography projects. Not to mention, because he spoke so passionately, it also seemed as if he would be a micromanaging client because he gave so many details of what he wanted to see in his wedding video. We have to admit that sometimes such clients are the hardest to work with, the hardest to please, and the least likely to appreciate your hard work and effort. But again, we saw and felt the sincerity in his heart. Him mentioning so many details was just his way of expressing how important this production was. In his opening photo montage, he really wanted to express the paths the he and his bride to be had traveled in order to find each other.