Burbank Videographer

Castaway Burbank
When watching the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson or Jay Leno, the voice over of "From Burbank California" was heard each week night. As a videographer, we like to think of the city as a place where we have captured video of several weddings. There are numerous hotels and venues that couples may find especially for those living in the valley. The Castaway Restaurant is only one example. It is located atop a hill that oversees the city. Inside the hall this beautiful view is evident. With the right settings and filters, a videographer can capture this sight. Outside, they also have a extravagant gazebo overlooking Southern California. Along with the beautiful landscaping, it is almost too easy for a videographer to find a great shot.

Posing After Ceremony
Another location is the Calamigos Equestrian. Also located in Burbank, it has a nice chapel along with a convenient guest house for the bride to get ready. But what took our videographer by surprise as well as rest of the guests was when the bride did not conventionally walk down the aisle. Instead, she arrived in a horse carriage. This was something that was not shown during the rehearsal. So we had to quickly move and relocate our cameras in an instant. A good thing our videographer did not get trampled by the horse but instead got great footage of the dramatic entrance.