Bridal Entrance with No Effect

When the bride first makes her entrance to the wedding ceremony, it probably is the first dramatic event that takes place throughout the day. After the maid/matron of honor takes her place, the doors are closed creating the tension and anticipation. When the officiant asks the audience to please stand, the anticipation crescendos as the doors open revealing the bride in her white wedding dress. As memorable and dramatic this moment can be, in real-time it may be difficult to catch the emotions, reactions, and the anticipation taking place because the moment actually happens quite quickly. Also, many times a church will be very conservative in its ways in which they only allow wedding ceremonies to have the traditional Processional Wedding March song played by an organist. This is why we offer the editing option of making the scene more dramatic and slowing the footage down syncopated to a song that captures the emotions more to the bride and groom.

Video Showing Bridal Entrance in Real-Time

In this example, the video is shown in real-time in which there are no effects other than two camera angles: one focusing on the bride's entrance and the other focusing on the groom's reaction. For some couples they may wish to only show the video with no effects so that the true event is documented more objectively. Notice that the traditional Process Wedding March is heard in the background as well as all of the ambient noises and scuffling within the church.

Wedding Video at Walnut, 30 Minutes East from Los Angeles

Other Fun Facts: This video was shot in the Walnut United Methodist Church. Even though the city of Walnut is 30 minutes from Downtown, it is still right next to Orange County, although it is located close to Brea which is considered Orange County territory. It is also located near Chino Hills which is a part of the San Bernadino County or better known as the IE or Inland Empire.