Bridal Entrance with Dramatic Effect

The bride's processional march is of course one of the most import events in the wedding ceremony. For the first time, the groom and all of the invited guests get to see her made up in a beautiful wedding dress being escorted down the aisle. Not only is this event very important it can be also very emotional and dramatic to those present at the wedding. However, because this moment can move very quickly, a person who was not there at the ceremony that watches the real-time footage may not fully appreciate or truly connect with the moment. This is why we offer this effect to help accentuate the moment when the bride enters the ceremony.

Dramatic Video Capturing Bridal Entrance

In this example, we really attempt to highlight the anticipation and at the same time really explore the moment when the bride makes her grand entrance to the ceremony. Once she arrives we slow down the footage allowing viewers of the video to fully realize and absorb the moment of the scene. The shots are cut smoothly to a song that is meaningful to the bride and groom which helps invoke emotions in hopes of making it easier for your viewers to truly connect with the moment.

Wedding Video Taken in South Orange County

Other Fun Facts: This video was shot at the Mission San Juan Capistrano located in south Orange County. One of the challenges shooting at this church was the different color temperatures located throughout the building. Meaning, certain areas were lit by natural sunlight which shined through a stain glass window. There were other areas where the sun light passed through a regular window. This made it difficult because the alter was brightly lit with yellow halogen lights.