AJ and Lorena’s Anaheim Wedding Videography

The very next day after having a small and intimate private Catholic ceremony at St. Lorenzo Ruiz Catholic Community Church in Walnut, AJ and Lorena welcomed over a hundred family members, relatives, and friends to their wedding renewal at the Sheraton in Anaheim. Special thanks goes to Mike Papilla of MP Wedding Films and his team for taking all of the footage for that day. Mike is also a very important business partner to our organization in which he has always came through for us with very cinematic videography footage.

His team was able to get great B roll footage of the Anaheim Sheraton Hotel followed by some candid shots of the two getting ready separately in their own rooms. Afterwards, the covered a very emotional first look as AJ became lost for words when he first laid eyes on Lorena in her wedding dress. Luckily, the Kleenex was ready and available.

Gaurav and Nisha Wedding Videography in Los Angeles


We got to admit, Indian wedding video productions are really some of the most festive events to cover! Gaurav and Nisha put together such a beautiful wedding within just a couple of months. It first started out with Gaurav and Nisha getting ready separately in their rooms at the Courtyard by Marriot Hotels in Culver City, CA. We had a videographer videotape Gaurav and another videographer covered Nisha. During their preparation there were several Indian traditions that took place. But when Gaurav, our groom, was ready to go they had the traditional Bharat ceremony in which Gaurav mounted a white horse in the parking lot while his whole side of the family accompanied him. There they began a festive parade filled with dancing and rhythmic percussion. This lasted for probably a good hour or so. This parade would eventually lead up to the ceremony hall in the hotel.

After all of the guests were seated it was Nisha’s turn to finally arrive to the ceremony. As she made her way escorted by her brother, we could see the emotion of joy and at the same time sadness in her parents’ faces. Just like in any culture, a wedding is bittersweet in which you are losing a child but at the same time you are happy for their next stage in life.

Check out their NDE of their wedding celebration which took place in Culver City just outside of Los Angeles.


Charles and Hannah Los Angeles Wedding Video

Charles and Hannah's Wedding

Los Angeles, CA – Charles and Hannah’s Korean Wedding

With two videographers, we went to Charles and Hannah’s wedding at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles, CA. In many of our wedding video productions, it’s easy to say that it was the venue, or the flowers, or the food, or the decor that can be the most memorable. But really, it is the simple things that we may never forget. One of the reasons why wedding videography is so important are because of these little things that no photo can ever capture alone.

Before the ceremony, we simply asked Charles and Hannah separately to say a little something to the camera. When Hannah said that she was just so excited and looked forward to waking up in the morning next to Charles as well as just do the little things together like grocery shopping really put into context what this wedding was really about. It basically marked the beginning of a new era of two people’s lives together. As corny as it may sound, we sometimes have to look past as just being a videographer but consider ourselves as personal video historians. Because in essence, that’s how important this first day of their lives really is. History.

Palm’s Highlight Video Production Reel

A prestigious public relations firm based out of San Mateo, CA asked us to create a highlight reel for Palm. So they gave us a bunch of Hollywood video clips that some how showed or even featured the product. And when I say Hollywood clips, I mean actual hit TV shows and major motion pictures.

We took a look at what their last videographer did for them. Basically, they simple just took clips of those movies and TV shows and played a popular song in the background. They would then show the video to Palm in sort of a team building rally. But their complaint about previous highlight videos was that they just didn’t excite them enough. So we took on the challenge of making the video much different.

So what we did is that we edited all of the diverse Hollywood video clips and spliced them all together to create a trailer of a fake motion picture featuring the Palm Treo. This was definitely a challenge because we had comedic movies and TV shows as well as crime and action TV shows and movies. But in the end, I think we really pulled it off.

Live Video Production of Graduation Play at Burroughs Middle School

Los Angeles Middle School Musical

Los Angeles, CA – Graduation Play at Middle School

To capture his son’s last play before he graduated, Gary hired us for our videography services to record this production at Burroughs Middle School which is based in Los Angeles, CA. While recording this musical, we were so impressed of how they all sang, danced, and acted. Even their stage props, costumes, and make up were well advanced especially for this age group. A lot of time and hard work really went into all of this and it really showed in the quality of this musical and dramatic production.

Although they had only booked one videographer to capture this event, we were still able to get some pretty good shots. However, because there was only one camera it limited the variety of camera angles such as close-ups. You see, by only having one videographer and one camera, we have to be conservative with our shots just to be sure we don’t miss anything off camera.

Rebecca’s Mitzvah Biography Video

Stephanie and Steven got in contact with us one day because they had saw a biography video production that we did for another client’s daughter’s bat mitzvah just a year ago. They liked it so much they wanted a similar video for their daughter’s bat mitzvah that they flew down from Northern California down here to Southern California. So we met them at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles for a nice interview session.

One videographer handled the videotaping and audio while our other videographer handled the interview. Stephanie and Steven really shared some great stories of their daughter. There were some really funny and cut stories but they also opened themselves quite a bit with some emotional words about their daughter.

After the video shoot, the hard part is always the editing. For this type of video production, we wanted to spice it up a bit with some comedic pop ups and voiceovers. This is really hard to explain but once you see it, you can see how these little comedic bits that we add to the video can really make the video that much more fun.

Video of First Lutheran Church Last Service

First Lutheran Church Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA – Last Service at First Lutheran Church

This was a sad day to be a videographer. Usually, we are a hired for us videography services because it is some type of celebration such as a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary, or a birthday. Instead, it was the last service for the First Lutheran Church in Los Angeles. Many families no longer attended the church because they had relocated sadly attended the service. But because the church had lost many of its members due to relocation, it could no longer sustain itself in the community.

This was the first full Lutheran service that I ever attended. As a Catholic, I was surprised to see how closely similar their mass services were. To be honest, if I didn’t see the Lutheran sign outside the building, I would have thought it was a Catholic mass that I was attending.

Sheila and Chris Burbank Wedding Video

Chris and Sheila's Burbank Wedding

Burbank, CA – Chris and Sheila’s Wedding

Before the wedding, we got together with Chris and Sheila to do a video production of their love story. We video taped them as well as their parents, siblings, and friends to hear each of their sides of the story of what they knew about Chris and Sheila’s relationship. This was a real fun video to do because of how candid everyone got and how they all were will to have a good time with their answers.

During their wedding, there were two videographers. Although we brought the jib, we unfortunately weren’t able to use it during the ceremony because it was too tight inside the church. But we did use it after the ceremony during the post ceremony videography session.

The reception took place at Castaway in Burbank, CA. Because the ballroom was quite spacious we were able to use the jib. Not only did we get those classic revealing overhead shots, it allowed us to get a high angle over the audience giving us a great overview shot. But I have to admit, you really have to be careful as a videographer, not to accidentally whack someone in the head with this apparatus.

Wes and Truc Orange County Wedding Videography

Wes and Truc's Orange Coutny Wedding

Orange, CA and Garden Grove, CA – Wes and Truc’s Chinese Wedding

This was a whole day video production event for Wes and Truc. We started by first videotaping their tea ceremony which is a common tradition in a Chinese wedding. Many family members from both sides met at the house of Truc. Afterwards, we took videography shots with them and their bridal party as well as family.

Next up, we were on our way to La Purisima Catholic Church in Orange, California for their wedding ceremony. Since we had shot here before, we knew of the restrictions that the church had imposed on its videographers and photographers covering the event. But this is why for such venues it is imperative to have a 2 videographer coverage. This time we brought our jib with us to get some really cool epic shots especially during the bridal march.

We then went to the Embassy Suites in Garden Grove, CA for the reception. Since this was a traditional Chinese wedding, we also had a lion dance. After their performance we were treated to a multi course meal with a magic show performed by the actual DJ of the party. What a surprise!


Football Highlight Video Reel

Chino Pop Warner Highlight Reel

Chino, CA – Highlight Video Production for Pop Warner Player

Just as we did the 2005 highlight for the Chino Colts, a parent of one of their players decided to give a pretty cool birthday gift to their son. So Dan, the father of this player, gave us footage of his son playing and we put together a 5 minute highlight reel just for his son. I could see why Dan wanted to do this for son. He is so talented. As a parent, I too could see myself doing something like this for my child.

The challenge that we had was we were given mini DVD discs. I have to admit, although I see how convenient this format is, I actually am not the biggest fan of it because of its challenges to capture the video onto digital files for us to edit. Because the dvds recorded on the camcorder’s default format, you could not play the videos on a regular DVD player but only play the videos on its original camcorder. Also, the camcorder did not have a way to transfer the videos digitally to a computer. Through our desperation we had to actually capture the video analogy and then to digital. Unfortunately, it resulted in some degradation of the original video. But no matter, we did our best to show how talented their son was and how proud they were of their son.