Charles and Hannah Los Angeles Wedding Video

Charles and Hannah's Wedding

Los Angeles, CA – Charles and Hannah’s Korean Wedding

With two videographers, we went to Charles and Hannah’s wedding at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles, CA. In many of our wedding video productions, it’s easy to say that it was the venue, or the flowers, or the food, or the decor that can be the most memorable. But really, it is the simple things that we may never forget. One of the reasons why wedding videography is so important are because of these little things that no photo can ever capture alone.

Before the ceremony, we simply asked Charles and Hannah separately to say a little something to the camera. When Hannah said that she was just so excited and looked forward to waking up in the morning next to Charles as well as just do the little things together like grocery shopping really put into context what this wedding was really about. It basically marked the beginning of a new era of two people’s lives together. As corny as it may sound, we sometimes have to look past as just being a videographer but consider ourselves as personal video historians. Because in essence, that’s how important this first day of their lives really is. History.

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