Palm’s Highlight Video Production Reel

A prestigious public relations firm based out of San Mateo, CA asked us to create a highlight reel for Palm. So they gave us a bunch of Hollywood video clips that some how showed or even featured the product. And when I say Hollywood clips, I mean actual hit TV shows and major motion pictures.

We took a look at what their last videographer did for them. Basically, they simple just took clips of those movies and TV shows and played a popular song in the background. They would then show the video to Palm in sort of a team building rally. But their complaint about previous highlight videos was that they just didn’t excite them enough. So we took on the challenge of making the video much different.

So what we did is that we edited all of the diverse Hollywood video clips and spliced them all together to create a trailer of a fake motion picture featuring the Palm Treo. This was definitely a challenge because we had comedic movies and TV shows as well as crime and action TV shows and movies. But in the end, I think we really pulled it off.

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