Live Video Production of Graduation Play at Burroughs Middle School

Los Angeles Middle School Musical

Los Angeles, CA – Graduation Play at Middle School

To capture his son’s last play before he graduated, Gary hired us for our videography services to record this production at Burroughs Middle School which is based in Los Angeles, CA. While recording this musical, we were so impressed of how they all sang, danced, and acted. Even their stage props, costumes, and make up were well advanced especially for this age group. A lot of time and hard work really went into all of this and it really showed in the quality of this musical and dramatic production.

Although they had only booked one videographer to capture this event, we were still able to get some pretty good shots. However, because there was only one camera it limited the variety of camera angles such as close-ups. You see, by only having one videographer and one camera, we have to be conservative with our shots just to be sure we don’t miss anything off camera.

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