Rebecca’s Mitzvah Biography Video

Stephanie and Steven got in contact with us one day because they had saw a biography video production that we did for another client’s daughter’s bat mitzvah just a year ago. They liked it so much they wanted a similar video for their daughter’s bat mitzvah that they flew down from Northern California down here to Southern California. So we met them at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles¬†for a nice interview session.

One videographer handled the videotaping and audio while our other videographer handled the interview. Stephanie and Steven really shared some great stories of their daughter. There were some really funny and cut stories but they also opened themselves quite a bit with some emotional words about their daughter.

After the video shoot, the hard part is always the editing. For this type of video production, we wanted to spice it up a bit with some comedic pop ups and voiceovers. This is really hard to explain but once you see it, you can see how these little comedic bits that we add to the video can really make the video that much more fun.