Sheila and Chris Burbank Wedding Video

Chris and Sheila's Burbank Wedding

Burbank, CA – Chris and Sheila’s Wedding

Before the wedding, we got together with Chris and Sheila to do a video production of their love story. We video taped them as well as their parents, siblings, and friends to hear each of their sides of the story of what they knew about Chris and Sheila’s relationship. This was a real fun video to do because of how candid everyone got and how they all were will to have a good time with their answers.

During their wedding, there were two videographers. Although we brought the jib, we unfortunately weren’t able to use it during the ceremony because it was too tight inside the church. But we did use it after the ceremony during the post ceremony videography session.

The reception took place at Castaway in Burbank, CA. Because the ballroom was quite spacious we were able to use the jib. Not only did we get those classic revealing overhead shots, it allowed us to get a high angle over the audience giving us a great overview shot. But I have to admit, you really have to be careful as a videographer, not to accidentally whack someone in the head with this apparatus.

Wes and Truc Orange County Wedding Videography

Wes and Truc's Orange Coutny Wedding

Orange, CA and Garden Grove, CA – Wes and Truc’s Chinese Wedding

This was a whole day video production event for Wes and Truc. We started by first videotaping their tea ceremony which is a common tradition in a Chinese wedding. Many family members from both sides met at the house of Truc. Afterwards, we took videography shots with them and their bridal party as well as family.

Next up, we were on our way to La Purisima Catholic Church in Orange, California for their wedding ceremony. Since we had shot here before, we knew of the restrictions that the church had imposed on its videographers and photographers covering the event. But this is why for such venues it is imperative to have a 2 videographer coverage. This time we brought our jib with us to get some really cool epic shots especially during the bridal march.

We then went to the Embassy Suites in Garden Grove, CA for the reception. Since this was a traditional Chinese wedding, we also had a lion dance. After their performance we were treated to a multi course meal with a magic show performed by the actual DJ of the party. What a surprise!