Football Highlight Video Reel

Chino Pop Warner Highlight Reel

Chino, CA – Highlight Video Production for Pop Warner Player

Just as we did the 2005 highlight for the Chino Colts, a parent of one of their players decided to give a pretty cool birthday gift to their son. So Dan, the father of this player, gave us footage of his son playing and we put together a 5 minute highlight reel just for his son. I could see why Dan wanted to do this for son. He is so talented. As a parent, I too could see myself doing something like this for my child.

The challenge that we had was we were given mini DVD discs. I have to admit, although I see how convenient this format is, I actually am not the biggest fan of it because of its challenges to capture the video onto digital files for us to edit. Because the dvds recorded on the camcorder’s default format, you could not play the videos on a regular DVD player but only play the videos on its original camcorder. Also, the camcorder did not have a way to transfer the videos digitally to a computer. Through our desperation we had to actually capture the video analogy and then to digital. Unfortunately, it resulted in some degradation of the original video. But no matter, we did our best to show how talented their son was and how proud they were of their son.

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