End of Season Video Highlights of Chino Colts

Highlight Video for Chino Colts

Chino, CA – Highlight Video Production for Pop Warner Chino Colts.

It’s always great when a previous client comes back to you again for a video production project. Just like last year, John asked us again to create a highlight video using their Chino Pop Warner football team’s game footage that they gathered throughout their season. Again, the challenge was to find a story and theme of what this young team went through. Compared to other teams, they were considered younger and less experienced. But surprisingly they came out the gates dominating teams. One game they even won 55-0.

However, as the season went the tide would turn against them. Everything went smoothly until they themselves were dominated by losing 31-0 to a team from Moreno Valley. This could have led to disaster for this young team’s season in which their confidence could have been destroyed. Instead, they showed their resolve and got back up by defeating their next opponents 32-8. They basically picked themselves back up and continued their season onward from before their last loss.

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