Videography of Kaori’s Debut

Kaori's Alhambra Birthday Party

Alhambra, CA – Kaori’s 18th Birthday Video Production

Similar to Mexican tradition of a quinceaƱera, the Filipino custom has something called a debut. But instead of celebrating a girl’s 15th birthday, in a debut it is the 18th birthday that is celebrated. So we had two videographers cover this celebration at the Jayvee Dance Studio in Alhambra. The night was filled several ceremonies. There was the presentation of the candles where 18 females friends and family members each presented a candle to the debutante. Followed by that, 18 male friends and family members each presented her a rose.

Just like a wedding, a dance with her father occurred. But unlike a wedding, since there is obviously no first dance with her husband, it is tradition that the celebrant has a cotillion dance with her court. It is custom that they would perform a waltz but instead there was a modern twist to the performance. Instead, the debutante and her court performed a hip hop dance number that thrilled their guests and family members. We were able to get some pretty cool shots for it was the first time we brought along our jib.

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