Anthony and Reena’s Los Angeles Wedding Videography

Reena and Anthony's Los Angeles Wedding

Los Angeles, CA and Santa Monica CA – Reena and Anthony’s Catholic Wedding

This was a Filipino Catholic wedding ceremony that took place at St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Los Angeles. But what we did differently with this video production was we actually interviewed numerous members of their family and friends separately throughout the wedding day. We would ask simple questions like their reaction to when they saw Reena walked down the aisle, did they see Anthony or Reena before the ceremony and how were they like, their thoughts on what this marriage all meant, etc. We would then edit the video in which we would show 5 minutes of the actual ceremony or reception and then cut back to an interview. It basically followed the structure of a documentary or reality show. But this effect really does change the pace of the wedding video and it really makes it more interesting to watch by hearing these simple words and thoughts from your family and friends.

Later the reception would be at the Double Tree Hotel in Santa Monica. There we heard many great speeches from the best man and Reena’s sister who was the maid of honor. We even heard from Anthony and Reena’s future brother-in-law, Robert, the fiance of Reena’s sister, Susan. He had some funny memorable lines like when he jokingly said in a pretend Filipino accent, “I have only a favor to ask of you Reena. Please stop fighting with Susan. I always get the bad end of it.” He then turned to Anthony and said, “And Anthony, When Reena and Susan fight… Pick me up… Let’s go to the bar.”

But the most memorable speech was from Anthony when he thanked everyone, from all the guests who traveled from far and near. He thanked their parents and even their priest. But most importantly he thanked his wife who had labored to put together the whole celebration. He said, “Reena, you have put meaning into my life.” When he said that, you definitely could feel the lumps in throats of all of the people in the room.

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