Kenny’s 30th Birthday Video Recap

Kenny's Los Angeles B-Day

Los Angeles, CA – Kenny’s 30th Birthday Celebration

Call it a milestone in one’s life. But no matter what you call it, the celebration was a big one. It was quite a while since we had attended a house party quite like this Los Angeles party. The corridor leading to the front door of the house had a decorated backdrop so that way it looked like it was an exclusive red carpet event in the video. Basically, our videographer Karen played host that night interviewing each guest as they walked into the party while the second videographer videotaped the interviews. Wow, did some the guests have something to say! Ha!

So that night, we basically followed Karen who was following Kenny as he interacted with all of his guests. And surprisingly, once they saw the camera rolling, the inhibitions went out the door. Typically, it is the opposite in which people tend to play it really conservative for fear that the video may go viral. But his friends were such great sports and as a result, Kenny got a memorable and fun video production.

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