Arcadia Videography of Amparo and Bryan’s Wedding

Wedding videography of Amparo and Bryan

Arcadia, CA – Amparo and Bryan’s Wedding Day

Not being from this country, unfortunately most of Amparo’s family would not be able to attend this joyous and important celebration. I’ve always said the closest thing to reliving your wedding day is to watch your wedding video. So when we met with Bryan he explained how important the video was going to be because that would be the only way for her family back home to view the wedding. So we provided two videographer coverage for their ceremony at the Annunciation Church in Arcadia, California.

Another thing that no photo could ever capture is the accuracy and true context of a shot, especially when there is dialogue. Just before the ceremony was about to begin, we caught Bryan in a very emotional moment. The videographer asked Bryan to give his first thoughts before the wedding. He said that it had been a good experience but they both have grown a lot in which it had been almost four years that they have been together. It had been hard to believe because when they first met Amparo did not speak any English. Our videographer ask what Bryan was feeling at that moment. Bryan just kind of turned his head, smiled, and was then lost for words as he struggled to hold back his tears. Moments like these are why videography is so important. Only a video production can capture the moment’s true authenticity.

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