Videography of Ann and JD’s Los Angeles Wedding

Ann and JD's Los Angeles Wedding

Los Angeles, CA – Ann and JD’s Hotel Bel Air Wedding

This was not the first time that we provided videography coverage at the Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles. Every time we come here we are always impressed by its setup, its greenery, their pond with ducks and swans. Being in an affluent area of Los Angeles, it should have come to no surprise that we might possibly see a celebrity. As we moved passed their pool we noticed a particular couple swimming in the pool with their children. It was Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf. How cool was that to say? To be able to say that those two were staying at the same hotel where your wedding was.

After the ceremony, we moved to several locations of the venue to capture the romantic pictures of the couple. Later, we would move to the grand entrance for the reception. After they were announced, the two did a cute little number to Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon for their first dance. With a couple of twirls and kisses during their routine, the guests had a lot of fun watching them. What’s even more interesting was during the thank you speech of the groom. He basically said that he didn’t think he would have any fun during his wedding but then to his shock he geniunely did have a great time. We love capturing moment like this.

Craig and Emily Orange County Wedding Videography

Craig and Emily's Placentia Wedding

Placentia, CA – Craig and Emily’s Orange County Wedding

The ceremony and reception for the wedding celebration took place at the Alta Vista Country Club in Placentia, CA which is in the northern part of Orange County. It was a two videographer two camera set up. During the ceremony, a videographer was located by the entrance of the aisle while the other videographer was in the front near the gazebo. This allowed us to first get one angle of the subjects as the first enter the aisle. The second angle would be capture by the videographer in the front. This allowed us to get two different looks of the subject when we edited this video production. It also allowed us to get the reaction of the groom, Craig, as he saw his bride, Emily, walk down the aisle.

Later that evening, their DJ kept the guests entertained by always having some type of activity going on. Meaning, after the first dance they had the couple do a newly wed game. And then we had speeches. While dinner was being served there was another contest between the guests. So there was definitely always something going on. Their DJ really believed in trying to not only make the event memorable for the couple but also for every guest.

Kenny’s 30th Birthday Video Recap

Kenny's Los Angeles B-Day

Los Angeles, CA – Kenny’s 30th Birthday Celebration

Call it a milestone in one’s life. But no matter what you call it, the celebration was a big one. It was quite a while since we had attended a house party quite like this Los Angeles party. The corridor leading to the front door of the house had a decorated backdrop so that way it looked like it was an exclusive red carpet event in the video. Basically, our videographer Karen played host that night interviewing each guest as they walked into the party while the second videographer videotaped the interviews. Wow, did some the guests have something to say! Ha!

So that night, we basically followed Karen who was following Kenny as he interacted with all of his guests. And surprisingly, once they saw the camera rolling, the inhibitions went out the door. Typically, it is the opposite in which people tend to play it really conservative for fear that the video may go viral. But his friends were such great sports and as a result, Kenny got a memorable and fun video production.

Wedding Videography of Jen and Erwin in Orange County

Jen and Erwin's Orange County Wedding

Orange, CA – Jen and Erwin’s Filipino Wedding

This couple really went all out for their wedding. With almost 300 guests in attendance, their ceremony took place at La Purisima Church, in Orange, California. It was a traditional Filipino Catholic ceremony in which their was a cord, veil, and coin ceremony. Like most catholic churches, they were very restrictive as to where the videographer and photographer were allowed to go and position themselves. A videographer stayed in a pew located halfway down the aisle. There was an area that was behind the alter where the other videographer was. This allowed us to capture the bride, Jen, walking down the aisle and at the same time get the reaction of our groom, Erwin.

Afterwards, we were off to the Grand Newport Plaza also know as the Turnip Rose in Costa Mesa. This venue has this very elegant Spanish setup where there is a courtyard with a beautiful fountain. While the guests were having their hors d’oeuvres, we went along with their photographer to get video of their post ceremony pictures. When we completed that, there was a formal introduction of the couple as they entered from a balcony area and then down a double stairway.

That night, the party really went down. You wouldn’t think so at first because the first half of the celebration was so emotional. It seemed during every speech there was not a dry eye in the house. But after the dances and speeches, the dance floor opened where the party really began. I don’t remember the dance floor every being empty the entire night. From dance circles to dance battles, it was a good time.

Gallery of the Gifted Youth Promotional Video

Promotion Video for Gallery of the Gifted Youth

Pomona, CA – Gallery of the Gifted Youth video production

It is because of organizations like this that makes you believe there are still so many good people in this world. This organization (based in Pomona, California) uses music and visual arts to help promote self discovery in children with learning and development disabilities. At the time, this organization ran purely on donations and even out of the pocket of its founders because they knew how important this was. So to help get more donors and donations, we helped them put together a promotional video. The video production consisted of a videographer interviewing the founder as well as her partners and parents.

To hear the story of several of the children there was so inspirational and endearing. To get footage of them actually responding and learning with such enthusiasm couldn’t help but move you.

Arcadia Videography of Amparo and Bryan’s Wedding

Wedding videography of Amparo and Bryan

Arcadia, CA – Amparo and Bryan’s Wedding Day

Not being from this country, unfortunately most of Amparo’s family would not be able to attend this joyous and important celebration. I’ve always said the closest thing to reliving your wedding day is to watch your wedding video. So when we met with Bryan he explained how important the video was going to be because that would be the only way for her family back home to view the wedding. So we provided two videographer coverage for their ceremony at the Annunciation Church in Arcadia, California.

Another thing that no photo could ever capture is the accuracy and true context of a shot, especially when there is dialogue. Just before the ceremony was about to begin, we caught Bryan in a very emotional moment. The videographer asked Bryan to give his first thoughts before the wedding. He said that it had been a good experience but they both have grown a lot in which it had been almost four years that they have been together. It had been hard to believe because when they first met Amparo did not speak any English. Our videographer ask what Bryan was feeling at that moment. Bryan just kind of turned his head, smiled, and was then lost for words as he struggled to hold back his tears. Moments like these are why videography is so important. Only a video production can capture the moment’s true authenticity.