Videography of Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah in Los Angeles

Bat Mitzvah Celebration for Rachel

Los Angeles, CA – Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah Celebration

Call it a time in a girl’s life when they now have the same rights as an adult. Meaning, she is now responsible for her moral and ethical decisions. For David and Andrea, they couldn’t be more proud of their daughter’s hard work that would lead up to her bat mitzvah. As a surprise, they wanted to put a video production telling the story of their beautiful daughter. So we interviewed them both in which the shared stories of how their daughter was growing up and how being their first child changed their lives. Her younger brother also chimed in to say a few words of how much he loved his big sister.

The ceremony took place at Hotel Sofitel on Beverly Blvd., in Los Angeles, California. Two videographers attended the ceremony. One videographer stayed near the front and off to the side. The second videographer stayed in the back with the video camera mounted on a tripod which was attached to a dolly. This allowed us to get slider like shots helping give the video more character.

Later that evening, the celebration moved into another ballroom in which the party would take place. Talk about a good time! The party never stopped in which there was always either a game, contest, dance performance, or speech. Oh yeah, and dancing. I have to admit, these bunch of 13 year olds probably showed they knew how to have a good time better than some of the weddings we have done.

Videography Coverage of Peter’s La Harbra Graduation Party

Graduation Party for Peter

La Harbra, CA – A grand graduation celebration for the new doctor

La Harbra, California – After years of studying at UCLA and then moving to New York to attend NYU, Peter would receive his Ph.D in microbiology. Any parent or sibling would be so proud. How many people can say that my son or daughter is a doctor? But just a little before his graduation, we helped his family put together a surprise video production biography in which we interviewed his siblings, parents, and grandparents. The video itself was about 12 minutes long which we would play during his surprise graduation party.

When the day finally arrived, we, along with all of the guests and mariachi band waited quietly inside the dark ballroom. As he opened the door, the lights turned on and everyone yelled “Surprise!” as the mariachi band played. While videotaping him, I couldn’t help but think how crazy that must have been. You arrive home that day from New York and your dad says we’re going to dinner. Then you get there, open the door, and over a hundred people are all there just to celebrate your graduation. And then, later that night you would be surprised to watch a video of all of your loved ones talk about how special a person you were growing up and how proud they were of you. It would definitely be overwhelming. But this celebration was definitely well deserved! Congratulations Peter!