Redondo Wedding Videography of Trudi and Dion

Trudi and Dion's Wedding

Redondo Beach, CA – Trudi and Dion’s American East Indian Wedding

This video production was really a fun one. The Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach, California is right next to the ocean. Just outside the hotel, there is a wharf where many sailboats are docked. Also, from outside the hotel you could see the pier along with the other hotel buildings in the cove.

The day started off with a videographer following the bride as she prepared for the ceremony while the other videographer patiently waited for the groom to arrive at the venue. After finishing up her makeup and hair, Trudi put on her magnificent white sequence wedding dress. Dion arrived wearing his stylish white tuxedo and silver tie. When we mic’d up Dion right before the ceremony started, we were able to record him in a candid and endearing moment. He basically was telling his groomsman how he was so nervous about saying his vows. But he thought once he got through his vows, it would be all downhill. Well, both his and Trudi’s vows ended up being some of the most heartfelt and eloquent vows in our videography history.

Later that night, the party got rockin’. Indian weddings seem to always be the festive. With Indian popular music blasting through the night, the dance floor was never found to be empty. There was always something to capture. This actually can be a videographer’s fear because during that time of the night you start running low on tape. But we usually don’t video tape all of the dancing. We only record something that appears to be interesting. The problem was that there was always something interesting. It was as if every uncle or aunt or cousin had gotten their spotlight on the dance floor. That was fun!

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