Wedding Videography with Ben and Emily at Los Angeles

Ben and Emily's Los Angeles Wedding

Los Angeles, CA – Ben and Emily’s Wedding Video Production

Although none of our videographers were allowed inside the Los Angeles Temple during their wedding ceremony, we were fortunate enough to get great footage of Ben and Emily together with their family and friends outside the temple. The Mormon religion holds this ceremony so sacred that no photographer or videographer were allowed to take any pictures of video. Totally understandable!

But the venue has a beautiful 200 foot high structure right next to Santa Monica Blvd in Westwood. Lavish green grass surround the building along with various types of trees and bushes. There is also a pool of water and a fountain which allowed us to great such beautiful shots of the couple.

After completing their post ceremony pictures, we headed out to a mansion in Pasadena. They basically converted the backyard into an attractive reception area. From the layout of the buffet table, to the table and chairs and dance floor, it felt like we no longer were in the backyard of someone’s gorgeous home, but instead felt like we were at a popular wedding venue.

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